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Crazyhorse's journal

7 March 1899
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I'm am the Horsenation.What am i suffering from?.....Demonic possession m'lord....I am the bringer of death and destruction...The power of blackness commands you for ever in iternity.......

1919, 2001, 60s interior design, a clockwork orange, adam and the ants, aleister crowley, alien sex fiend, all about eve, ancient egypt, art, art films, arthurian legends, ashtaroth, associates, astral projection, astronomy, aubrey beardsley, ausgang, b movie, b52's, baphomet, barbarella, batfish boys, bauhaus, belfegore, billy mackenzie, birthday party, black and white, blackadder, blondie, bowie, bridget riley, burne hogarth, buru lan, cabaret voltaire, cardiacs, caroline munro, ceremonial magic, chameleons, christopher lee, cinema strange, clan of xymox, cocteau twins, cult movies, cult tv, cure, current 93, curse of the demon, daf, danse society, david cronenberg, death cult, death in june, deathrock, dennis wheatley, devilish presley, die haut, dormannu, dream images, echo & the bunnymen, ed wood, edward d wood jr, einsturzende neubauten, enric sio', esteban maroto, faust, fields of the nephilim, flesh for lulu, gene loves jezebel, gerald scarfe, ghost dance, glam rock, gothic beauties, halloween balls, hammer films, human league, in excelsis, industrial, ingrid pitt, jack the ripper, japan, johnny depp, jose bea, joy division/new order, killing joke, kraftwerk, living with eating disorders, look back in anger, lydia lunch, magazine, malaria, march violets, modern english, muse, mussorgsky, necromancy, night of the demon, nosferatu, numan/tubeway army, peaches, peter cushing, photography, pistols, pixies, pj harvey, play dead, princess tinymeat, punk, ralph steadman, red lorry yellow lorry, redemption films, schubert, severed heads, sex gang children, sifi, siouxsie, sisters of mercy, skeletal family, southern death cult, sparks, stranglers, suede, t rex, tea house camp, the cult, the doors, the exorcist, the middle ages, the occult, the orion mystery, the prisoner, the time machine, tim burton, tomita, tones on tail, tuxedomoon, uk decay, undergroundgarage 60's, vampires, vampyres, virgin prunes, wicker man, witchcraft, wolfgang press, xenia seeberg, xmal deutschland, z etc etc