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Getting Olde

Am i old. Talking about getting old, i work in a joiners shop looking after apprentices (I still look young by the way)and one of them said that they were born in 1984. What was i doing in 1984, It made me was probably the best year for gigs ever. Does anyone remember "Killing joke" at the "hammersmith palais" with the Crown of Thorns +The March Violets. "Danse Society" Dominion theatre. The "Cult" with the "Violets" at the Lyceum."Gene Loves Jezebel" at the Venue. "Xmal Deutschland" at the Hammersmith Palais. The "York Festival" with "Sisters of Mercy, Echo & the Bunnymen, Spear of Destiny etc." Plus many other great gigs. I can't believe its almost 20 years ago, scary is'nt it.
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