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Right, where do i start. Had to go into work this morning, was late, which really pissed everyone off as i had the keys to open up the workshop, i arrived to find everyone all queued up sitting in thier cars shouting at me but nevermind. Had a good night last night, got very jimmy'd (i'm still suffering now).Saw zoltan66 and aload of other friends at the "one eyed dog". Still feeling very embarrassed about trying to get zoltan66 to order a Killing Joke ticket for me on his credit card, me being Mr Late again. (sorry simon). By the way i've ordered one now and tickets for Echo & the Bunnymen at Shepards Bush to boot. zoltan66 can you let me know what that new club's like at the pyramids, Thanks.
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Hiya, there really is no need to feel bad about that if i could have got them to answer the phone i would have got the ticket for you. no problem.
The club last night was pretty cool good turnout, not keen on all of the music but at least there were no townies and its somewhere to go on a saturday night in portsmouth for a change.
Shall probably go again in a few weeks.
Yo! You *USED* it!!!

well done mate - great pic!